Wacky Seester goes to China, Pt 1
Smile! The China Travelogue, from ages ago. BTW, I've been back - new data pending.
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+Most Recently+
Spent weekend baking fabulously decadent cakes.
+Recent Changes+
Affinity for bluegrass and the HK compact USP.
+To Do List+
Learn banjo.
So, whatcha ya been doing?

Oh, this and that.

I've moved across the country twice.

I've made it to several continents, but still not Hawaii (HINT HINT).

I've interviewed the head of a nudist colony.

I've had the misfortune to be standing next to a leiderhosen-clad German tourist who was holding a videocamera right about the time that the guy swinging an axe decided that filming the ritual slaughter of his goat was not permissible, after all. (No, hilarity did *not* ensue.)

I've started up, settled down, and blown up.

I've had the opportunity to terrify my husband at least once ("Honey? I just got this email - who is Sonny Barger?")

I've knit: a flying spaghetti monster, several hedgehogs, monster mittens, 1 sweater.

Yeah, not much has changed.