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If you think backpacking through Europe is an eye-opener, try visiting China. You know you're getting a hefty dose of reality when you're trying to find the word "bathroom" in a pictographically-based language.

The Trip Diary
Entry 1: Prologue
Entry 2: Beijing
Entry 3: Tiananmen Square
Entry 4: The Forbidden City
New! : Lunch?
Entry 5: Arhat! Arhat!
Entry 6: Married... Again
Entry 7: The Great Wall
Entry 8: Xi'an
Entry 9: The Terra Cotta Warriors
Entry 11: It's Neo-rific!
Entry 12: An Embarassment Of Dumplings
Entry 13: Shopping, Redux
Entry 14: You Want A Walnut
Entry 15: Exit, Stage Left
Getting Married In China
Opening Ceremonies | Chant | Slurp! | Closing Ceremonies
Adventures In Shopping
Lunch? | The In's and Out's of Your Big Nose
For You, Half Price!
Dressing Local
An Introduction | Helpful Tips
Eats, Sleeps, and Other Bits

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